Ishikawa International Youth Exchange Council

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 1  TRAN, Chien Xuan
That was a great tour, I met many new friends and got to know one very nice and friendly Japanese friend.
It was a very exciting to climb to the top. I just felt a little bit tired of sitting long time on the bus but it was great overall :). Thank you very much for organizing this tour, I am looking forward to next event.
2. Suggestions
I think next time, we can organize some activities on the bus (quiz, game) to make it less boring :), it is also a great way to know new friends.
3. I would like to receive email from Kaiseikyo.

 ????? ??????
1. It was a new and interesting kind of trip for me.
My first hill climbing in Japan.
Observing new cultural facts of Japan.
So nice and impressing nature.
Putting convenient stuff in heart of nature was great.
Easy way provided to reach the near area of picks.
So kind guidance.
Providing extra lunch was necessary for my body! Thanks for that.?
2.Less crowded population would be better.
More details about the plans of trip, and their guides would be nice.
Dedicating special free or cheap weekly chartered bus for students or foreigners would be nice.
Telling more careful information for preparation such as warm clothes, shoes, etc. is better.
Planning teamwork exploring for such trip is better.
Informing the tourists of Kenrokuen about such nice place.
Being more punctual in departure and arrival time.?
1- That was an awesome tour,?but I expected to see 30 participants not over 50!
2- I think that was really perfect, not have any soecific idea.
3- Yes, especially nature discoveries are my favorites.
 Nay Zar Aung
(1) Set up the Fix Exact time on every place, for example, at kanazawa university, we are waiting at there around 30 minutes and I didn't know the reason of why we were waiting at there, for staff meeting ?
(2) Tour is tour and I have no idea on other activities, because Our aim is to observe and explore the new?places where we havn't been before and actually I was tired and I don't want to move my body anymore.
(3) I would like to receive the email from Kaiseikyo association and want to join the other events as well.
1. Comments(What you thought or felt about the tour.
It was a very good experience, the view was fantastic and impressive!
2. Suggestions(Any other activities should have been included in the tour.)
NO suggestions, it is perfect.
3. Would you like to receive an e-mail from Kaiseikyo
 Monika Patel 
1. The tour was awesome, the staff was good and helping. I enjoyed a lot during the tour.
2. I think it could be extended to one night camping tour, it will be more fun.
3. yes I will love to receive further emails from Kaiseikyo for other events.
1. The tour is nice, comfortable.?
2. Outbound
3. Yes, I get the email.
1. Comments(What you thought or felt about the tour.): it was well organised and great event. I really enjoyed the environment and support by the guide.
2. Suggestions(Any other activities should have been included in the tour.): I think it is better to exchange food among different countries and talk.
3. Would you like to receive an e-mail from Kaiseikyo (Invitation of an : Yes, I would like to have such invitation.
event etc.)
①  圧倒的な自然の雄大さは圧巻でした。バスの中でも様々な人と知り合いになれ楽しかったです。また、オプションの変更やスケジュールの柔軟性も学生さんた ちにとって適切で、良い日本での思い出になったと思います。私は、バスの100曲りで気分が悪くなり、2時ぐらいまでは館内にいましたが、それでもそのの ち十分に時間を楽しむことができました。日ごろの疲れを癒す良い旅となりました。ありがとうございました。以下のことがあればもっと良かったのではと思い ます。フィードバックいたします:
B)散策道、池や温泉の所在などの、目的地の地 図やパンフレット:電話でパンフなどをPDFで送ってもらい印刷、もしくは、人数分のパンフを郵送してもらうこともできます。帰りのバスでお配りした英語のパンフは、館内のインフォメーションデスクでいただけました。
D)個人情報の厳密な管理:私は学生さんの住所、電話番号などの個人情報をお預かりしました。その後、お返しするのをわすれて持って帰りました。これらの個人情報は、責任を持ってシュレッドいたしますので、ご安心ください。少し気になりましたのは、個人情報 のリストはコピー部数を限定し、番号を打ち、のちに主催団体様が必ず回収する、などのプロトコルが必要ではないかという点です。
E) ベジタリアン対応のランチ:菜食主義者の学生さんは、ほとんどお弁当が食べれませんでした。唯一、れんこんと昆布おにぎりがありましたが、前者は魚に接触 しており、後者も多分昆布の調味にかつおなど魚系のだしを使っているので、食べれません。知らずに食べることは、彼(女)らにとって信条を壊すことになる ので、ベジタリアン用にシンプルな塩おにぎりがあれば良いなと思いました(のり抜きでOK)。
F)スケジュール変更などの通達:スケジュール変更が起き次第、それを伝える手段があればと思いました。ラインは簡単に作れ、あとで削除で きるので便利かと思いますが。
② 日本の文化を紹介・実践するワークショップ、北陸の他の景勝地などへの旅、日本の小・中・高校などで自国を紹介する機会の提供などの文化企画。
③ 勤務所でパンフレットなどで通達されるので不要です。
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